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How to use Lucidchart to succeed in robot competition?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We use Lucidchart and create the process diagrams and SWOT analysis diagrams to visualize the various functions of the robot’s control. Robotics teams need controls to tell the robot how to act in certain situations, but because the robot can perform a combination of tasks depending on external conditions, it can be difficult to explain how the control functions in writing alone. Visual representations, such as the process diagram, can help judges truly understand the complexity of a robot’s control functions.

At Lucidchart, we believe that visual thinking can give people sharper insight into technical processes, which leads to overall improvements in productivity and effectiveness. Rather than writing a paragraph to explain how a robot will react to each possible condition, the diagram uses lines to represent the various possibilities, allowing the judges to quickly follow the chart to understand the logic and programming of the robot. The teams needed to design a robot that would react differently upon encountering different colored objects. Therefore, in the control section of the engineering notebook, The diagram, which explains that if the object is red, then the robot will react in one way, but if the object is blue, then the robot is programmed to respond differently.

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