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Outreach Programs

Ever since 2019, when we started hosting FIRST workshops, we have been a supporter and ambassador of FIRST & STEM; we have spread its influence to people around the region, teaching classes, mentoring several teams, helping children with special needs, hosted a tournament, and of course, organized more workshops.

Our Three Goals

Giving back to the FIRST community,

Inspiring people of all ages, and

Connecting with the academic and professional world.

  • FCSN
    Fremont and SJC
    Every Saturday and Sunday
    Fremont and SJC
    We have been dedicating over 300 hours of LEGO robotics mentorship to FCSN (Friends of Children with Special Needs) each year since 2021. Our customized curriculum consists of teaching them how to build robots and block code. We have helped to improve their social and hands-on skills.
  • National Advocacy
    National Advocacy
    Capitol Hill (in Washington D.C.)
    June-July 2023
    Capitol Hill (in Washington D.C.)
    We joined the National Student Association for STEM Advocacy (SASA) funding at Capitol Hill in June 2023. Our efforts became evident when the Senate's Science Bill advocated $70 million to STEM.
  • Robotics Workshops
    Robotics Workshops
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
    Time is TBD
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
    Throughout the past couple years, we’ve hosted many workshops to promote FIRST and the importance of STEM in the community. The usual attendance rate of our workshops is around 50 people. The funds received are donated to Kaidi’s Light, a non-profit organization that provides support to families.
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration Event
    Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration Event
    Time is TBD
    Fremont, Fremont, CA, USA
    We participated in the Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration event in Fremont and showcased our competition robot to 500+ visitors, including Fremont City Mayor Lily Mei, Fremont City Vice Mayor Yang Shao, and Union City Council Member Gary Singh.
  • Lego Robotics Summer Camps
    Lego Robotics Summer Camps
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Time is TBD
    San Francisco Bay Area , San Francisco, CA, USA
    We led a two-weeks Lego robotics summer camp in 2022. Our team members spent a lot of time innovating the camp activities. We had a blast preparing and teaching the summer camps. The students enjoyed our games so much and many of them wanted to return next year.
  •  Mentoring Neighborhood FLL Teams
     Mentoring Neighborhood FLL Teams
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
    Time is TBD
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
    In addition to teaching our 3 school teams, we also mentor 4 local and neighborhood teams, both of which are also FLL Junior teams. We, on a weekly basis, prepare and mentor them for the FLL Expo.
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