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Team Journey


Alphabots (#16026) is a community-based team in Fremont, California. This is our 5th year in FTC. Our team currently consists of 15 middle schoolers and high schoolers who are passionate about STEM. What's unique about us:

  • Geographical Impact: We are from 14 schools in 8 cities from San Ramon to Los Gatos, started 14 FLL teams, and served communities from East Bay to South Bay

  • Long-Term Commitment: Mentoring 15 FIRST teams all year round, all award-winning, from FLL regional champion to FTC regional qualifier, beyond the typical one-off workshops

  • Innovative Curriculum: Spent tremendous efforts designing a unique curriculum for summer camp and weekly classes, e.g. Lego and 3D models simulating SKYSTONE and FREIGHT FRENZY FTC games

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Built long-term partnerships with schools and organizations, serving children with diverse backgrounds, including an all-girls team and those with special needs.

Our Footprints

Alphabots is an exemplary FIRST ambassador. Between 2022 and 2023, we have achieved many significant contributions to our local Bay Area neighborhood by giving back to the FIRST community, inspiring thousands of people through STEM and FIRST, and fostering professional connections. Over the season, we have demonstrated our long-term commitment to FIRST.

Robot Design Process



Robot Coding

Robot Overview

Example Robot
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