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What Our Junior Students Say

Fremont, CA

“After Coach Alan taught me WeDo, I'm getting more and more into LEGO activities. It is a lot of fun."

San Jose, CA

"I learned about color sensors and ultrasonic sensors. They made my robot smarter. I will continue to join the FLL team next year."

Saratoga, CA

“You are doing a great job to prepare these courses for the community. The kids learn a lot for programming and teamwork.”
  • How long are these courses?
    They are about the same amount of lessons long. Each of them has around 10-12 lessons, about three months per session.
  • What are these classes for? What purpose?
    Our FLL Explore classes are to prepare teams & hobbyists for the annual FLL Explore Expo. Our Java class is to prepare students for FTC, in which Java will be an important tool. The C++ class is for students to learn Arduino, and our Arduino class is for hobbyism. Keep in mind that our programming classes do not only apply for these competitions / specific applications; we teach them in a way that allows students to use these programming languages in ANY way.
  • How do we sign up for these classes? Are they free?
    As of right now, our classes are available in the Bay Area, in various locations. To sign up, please contact us using our email:
  • What age is this class suitable for? Do we need to have programming foundation?
    Children aged 6-11 are welcome to participate. They don’t need any programming knowledge either, as our class introduces it in a very beginner-friendly way.
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